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RTP Crystal

  Description: RTP is an isomorph to Potassium Titanyl Phosphate (KTiOPO4, KTP), a highly efficient non-linear crystalline material.
  Application: Now widely used for Electro Optical applications whenever low switching voltages are required.
    Used as pulse-picker in femto-second train
    Used as Q-switch at high repetition rate.
  Feature: Excellent crystal for Electro-Optical applications at high repetition rate. 
    High Damage Threshold,low Insertion Loss.
    Does not induce piezo-electric effect
    High Extinction and Contrast Ratio
    Reliable homogeneity
    Stability over a wide temperature range (-60ºC – +70ºC)
Main Specification Material RbTiOPO4
Orientation accuracy of cut angle +/-0.5° (standard), +/-0.1° on request
Angle tolerance q < 0.5°, < 0.5° 
Dimension tolerance +/-0.1 mm Length +0.3/-0.2 mm
Flatness <l/8 @633nm 
Scratch/Dig code Scratch/Dig 10/5 
Parallelism < 30 arc sec
Perpendicularity < 30 arc min
Transmitting wavefront distortion < l/8 @ 633nm
Clear aperture >90% central area 
Crystal Structure Orthorhombic Point Group mm2
Lattice parameters a = 12.96 A°,b = 10.56 A,c = 6.49A° 
Melting Point ~ 1000 °C
Curie temperature ~810°C 
Hardness ~5
Density 3.6 g/cm3
Absorption Coefficient < 0.05 % / cm @ 1064 nm < 4 % /cm @ 532 nm 
Hygroscopic Susceptibility No
Resistivity/(20°C, 20% Humidity), Ohm.cm 1012
Dielectric constant Eeff = 13.0
Thermal Expansion Coefficients
(in the range of 25°C- 900°C)
a1=1.01x10-5, a2=1.37x10-5, a3=-4.17x10-6
Ionic conductivity (room temperature, 10kHz) 10-8 S/cm 
Linear Optical Properties Transparency Range 350 ~ 4500 nm
Sellmeier Equations nx2=2.15559 + 0.93307[1-(0.20994/λ)2] - 0.01452λ2
ny2=2.38494 + 0.73603[1-(0.23891/λ)2] - 0.01583 λ2
nz2=2.27723 + 1.11030[1-(0.23454/λ)2] - 0.01995λ2
Nonlinear Optical Properties For Type II SHG of a Nd:YAG laser at 1064nm  
Nonlinear coefficients
 (@ 1064nm)
d31=2.54pm/V, d31=4.35pm/V, d31=16.9pm/V
24=3.64pm/V, d15=1.91pm/V
Electro-Optic Coefficients/(pm/V)  
Electro-optical constants (@ 633 nm, 1 kHz), pm. V-1  r33=33.0
Static Half Wave Voltage @1064nm 1445 V for a pair of 4x4x10mm
1,600 V for a pair of 4x4x20mm
1,700 V for a pair of 6x6x7mm
2,400 V for a pair of 6x6x20 mm 
Damage Threshold
pulse 10 nsec
> 600 MW/cm2 @ 1064 nm