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Yb: YAG Laser Crystal

  Applications Generate 1.03µm laser output pumped at 0.94µm  
    Can be used in high power diode-pumped lasers and others potential applications.  
  Features Ideal for diode pumping;  
    Very low frictional heating, less than 11%  
    Very high slope efficiency  
    Broad absorption bands, about 8nm@940nm  
    No excited-state absorption or up-conversion  
    Conveniently pumped by reliable InGaAs diodes at 940nm(or 970nm)  
    High thermal conductivity and large mechanical strength  
    High optical quality  
Main Specification Yb-dopant concentration 0.2%---30% at% (Tolerance 10% of concentration)  
Diameter 20 mm (+0.0/ -0.025mm)  
Length 1~70mm, (+/-0.05mm)  
Dimensional Tolerance +0/-0.05 mm Length  ±0.1 mm  
Rod size Diameter 2~20mm, Length 5~150mm
Upon request of customer
Coating a) AR @ 940nm or HR @940nm
b) AR @ 1053nm or AR @1030nm or HR @1053nm
Barrel finish Ground Finish: 400# Grit  
Orientation [111]  
Wavefront Distortion <λ/10 per inch at 632.8nm for <7mm  
Surface quality  Scratch/Dig 10-5(MIL-PRF-13830B)  
Parallelism < 10 arc sec  
Perpendicularity < 5 arc min  
Surface flatness <λ/10 at 632.8nm  
Clear aperture Central 95%  
Chamfer 0.15×45°  
Physical and Chemical Properties Chemical Formula Yb:Y3Al5O12  
Crystal Structure Cubic  
Lattice Constants 12.01Ä  
Melting Point 1970°C  
Density 4.56 g/cm3  
Mohs Hardness 8.5  
Refractive Index 1.82  
Thermal Expansion Coefficient 7.8×10-6 /K , [111], 0-250°C  
Thermal Conductivity 14 W.s /m /K @ 20°C  
Optical properties Lasing Wavelength 1030 nm  
Laser Transition 2F5/22F7/2  
Photon Energy 1.93×10-19J (@1030nm)  
Scattering 1.82  
Extinction Ratio >=28 dB  
Emission Cross Section 2.0×10-20 cm2  
Fluorescent Lifetime 1.2ms  
Loss Coefficient 0.003 cm-1  
Pump Wavelength 940 nm  
Absorption band at pump wavelength 10 nm  
Diode pump band 940nm or 970nm  
Emission Linewidth 9nm  
Thermal Optical Coefficient 9×10-6/  
Single pass loss 3×10-3 cm-1