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Er:Yb:Glass+Co:MgAl2O4 module

  Applications Laser rangefinder  
    Remote sensing  
    3D scanning  
    Weather observing and controlling  
    Pollution monitoring system  
  Features Widely used in 1.5um eye-safe lasers, laser ranging, telemetry et al. Well acknowledge in output 1535nm laser, pumped by 940nm LD, where Er:Yb:Glass worked as stimulate material, and Co:MgAl2O4 as passive Q-switching.  
    We could provide Er:Yb:Glass bond with Co:MgAl2O4 combo module, which could increase the output laser quality, and more easy to handle.  
Main Specification Material: Er:Yb:Glass+Co:MgAl2O4 module  
Dimension 0.9*0.9*3.7mm  
Pumping 915-955nm  
Output 1535-1540nm  
Frequency 1hZ or 100hZ or 1000hZ